Biological detection & identification

Bioaerosol detector


Healvita Solutions cover the steps from early warning bioaerosol detection to subsequent provisional BWA identification to support the typical biodetection principles and workflow in biological threat situations. They include compact, robust and practical BWA detection tools both for fixed and mobile CBRN monitoring systems and for personal protection applications.

Assay System

The ENVI Assay System biodefence tests provide fast, simple and reliable solution for BWA identification from environmental samples. The ENVI Assay System Gold offers disposable, separate assays for seven highly poisonous agents: ricin toxin, botulinum toxin, SEB, POX, anthrax, yersinia pestis (plague) and Fransicella tularensis (tularemia). ENVI Assay System test kits include all tools required for performing a test: test cartridges, sampling swabs, buffer solution vials, dispensers and antibody reagents and instructions for use – no separate sample collection kits are needed. ENVI Assay System test are designed to use with ChemPro Reader Module which enables long term data storage and enhances the reliability when working in demanding environment.