CBRN Early Warning System in Air and Water

CBRN Early Warning System for Air

MS Mobile System is a passive, long range chemical and toxic gas clouds detector that is ideally suited to military and civil security operations due to its compact, lightweight and modular design. It has been designed for early warning and real time visualization of suspicious gas clouds. With its infrared sensor, it shows as an overlay localization of dangerous gases such as toxic industrial gases or chemical warfare agents (nerve gases or vesicants). MS Mobile System can identify the family of the gas and measure its pathlength concentration.

With the gas X unique feature, it also detects even gas that are not in the database, ideal when gases are impure, mixed or unknown. With a night and day infrared imaging capability and the largest Field of View (FOV) of any stand-off detector on the market, this tried and tested system is a clear favourite with militaries, law enforcement and emergency responders around the world.

CBRN Early Warning System for Drinking Water


Protection & Safety of Desalination Plants