CBRN Protective Masks

Escape Mask

Designed especially for the offshore oil industry, this self-adjusting, highly visible orange hood offers protection against radiant heat and smoke. The one-size-fits-all unit dons quickly and features an elastic neck seal and high-performance filter for thorough protection. The large window and low breathing resistance offer an increased field of vision and reduce claustrophobia.





Face Mask

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Full Face Mask C 607/Selecta (Class 2)

  • anti-scratch, anti-fogging, non-reflecting and distortion-free polycarbonate visor with very large field of vision
  • ultimative level of comfort by ergonomic construction and design
  • facepiece consists of non-irritating EPDM which is resistant to ageing and guarantees outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance
  • 5-point harness locks the mask quickly and securely in place
  • with standard thread connection DIN EN 148-1
  • 2 Cool Down exhalation valves
Half Mask Polimask ALFA

  • with standard thread connection according to DIN EN 148-1
  • anatomically shaped comfort-mask body made of non-irritating, soft EPDM adapts easily and comfortably to any shape of face
  • exhaled air led away from spectacles