CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicles

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CBRN Reconnaissance vehicles are used for different type of reconnaissance, surveillance and survey missions. The purpose of the CBRN Reconnaissance

Vehicle is to ensure CBRN security and safety.

The main tasks of the vehicle and its personnel are to:

  • Maintain regional 24/7 first responders for CBRN preparedness
  • Conduct CBRN reconnaissance to verify the detected threats
  • Start CBRN countermeasures on the accident scene
  • Obtain information of the CBRN situation to support commanders in decision making
  • Conduct hazardous material reconnaissance tasks
  • Conduct pre-inspections for special targets, areas and routes (for example before arrival of VIPs).
  • Conduct VIP venues monitoring.

The CBRN Reconnaissance Unit can also conduct or take part in the following tasks:

  • To execute checking during VIPs present and control all checking in and out of the target area
  • To conduct maintaining inspections from time to time during VIP events
  • To conduct all possible countermeasures to protect the VIPs
  • To conduct the VIP’s rescue and evacuation, when needed