Healvita Nuclear is an International Consultancy, technology provider, supplier and service company specialized in nuclear fields. Healvita Nuclear, through its in-house experience and expertise, and appropriate use of our close working relationship and collaboration with the world-class experts, academic and nuclear institutions, we provides advisory and project management services to international institutions supporting nuclear technology development and promoting nuclear applications in various sectors including Industrial, medical, environmental and energy as well as on safety and security of nuclear facilities.

In Nuclear Power sector Healvita Nuclear expertise covers all stages of a nuclear power plant development including conducting prefeasibility studies, feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment, sitting of nuclear facilities, review design safety and training personal to operate a NPP as well as providing advice and support on radiation protection, emergency planning, radioactive waste management. Healvita Nuclear provides support on decommissioning of nuclear facilities as well as establishment and enhancement of national regulatory capabilities including development of national structures.

Healvita Nuclear core staff members and its collaborators international consultants are all highly qualified and experienced nuclear specialists includes former  leading IAEA staff, to senior regulators, manager of nuclear facilities and other high profile experts from  various International organizations and International Universities.

With all these capabilities and international experience, Healvita Nuclear is able to offer complete solutions that are custom designed to address all the client’s needs and customized solutions. Healvita Nuclear also supports tender evaluation and negotiations with vendors, as well as financial institutions. Over the years Healvita Nuclear has built up considerable project management expertise, covering all stages of a project life cycle.

On radioactive waste management including NORMS from oil and gas industries and heavy metal mining,  Healvita Nuclear is able to offer a cradle to grave service, ranging from site characterization, investigation, assessment, design, implementation and validation of remediation including assessment of technologies for managing intermediate and low level waste as well as handling of radioactive NORMS and land contamination and site remediation.

In Medical applications Healvita Nuclear provides full solution for establishment of Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy facilities including provision of design and execution of a new PET/CT  facilities and radiotherapy centres.

Through our International Qualification and Training Academy Healvita Nuclear provides training, workshops and seminars on all subjects in our area of expertise.