Early Warning Environmental Radiation Monitoring Networks

HEALVITA is specialised in providing radiation early warning networks, gamma dose rate and alpha-, beta-, gamma- aerosol activity at the environment.

System comprises these main parts:
· 3″ NaI detector with associated electronics (multi channel analyzer – MCA)
· Aluminum protection case for detector and MCA with connector
· Cabinet with LiFePo battery (60Ah, 24V), power regulator, embedded industrial PC with GPRS modem
· Mast (holder) for mounting cabinet, detector assembly and solar panel
· Solar PV panel (1 piece), minimum 280 Wp
· Cables
· Software for embedded industrial PC

Measured data will be transferred using GPRS modem to the central station (ENVINET server). Data will be accessible by thin web client application. System will provide selected nuclide activities according to the library with associated uncertainties (or MDAs) as well as ambient dose rate equivalent (in μSv.h-1) and raw spectrum (1024 or 2048 channels). Automatic spectrum stabilization is based on 1461 keV peak of K-40 nuclide.

Radiation Detection Mobile Laboratory


SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)

SCADA is a software package for an early radiation monitoring control center. The abbreviation “SCADA” (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) explains its features briefly in summary very well. SCADA acquires data from measuring stations and provides visualization as well as the control of the stations is possible.

Data can be acquired from any measuring station. These mainly are: WEBDL (Data Logger for gamma probe), autonomous solar station, “Aerosol Measuring Station” (AMS), as well as the new developed “Electrostatic Universal Radiation Monitor” (EURM). For information about these products please contact our company.

The SCADA system software package includes specific information management system for radiation environmental monitoring. It  is an efficient tool for data acquisition, evaluating and publishing of radiation monitoring data in the monitored area/territory. Information system for environmental radiation monitoring network acquires the data from early warning or temporary emergency networks – continuous measurements – includes photon dose equivalent rate and/or spectra measured at points of network of early detection. Server based system that remotely monitors and controls the status, operation, data transmission, data storage, data  handling, data analysis and display for all radiation monitoring systems within the Environmental Radiation Monitoring Network.
















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