Protection & Safety Of Desalination Plants

Sea Deployed Radiation Monitoring Systems

  • At the marine monitoring, although concerned is on alpha, Beta and Gamma contamination, but higher emphasis has been given to measure Gamma which is the most probable Contamination in case of a nuclear accident. Healvita system have selected two most sensitive divers detectors for water contamination measurements which are namely NaI and LaBr3 detectors. These two kinds of detectors are the most advanced and the best combinations to provide most reliable results and avoiding the possibility of false alarm and in the same time providing most reliable detectors for online water contamination measurements. Both detectors are working with high ambient temperature and high salinity.
  • HealvitaTechnology system is robust and standalone autonomously and is continuously
    working 24 hours all over the year without any disturbance.
  • The reliability of the system is very high and included two various mechanisms
    to self-calibrate continuously the detectors and that the NaI detector  of the 3”X3” crystal
    have an integrated K40 source for automatic calibration of the sensor.
  • The LaBr3 detector 1.5”X1.5” have a natural pollution which we are using
    it for  automatic calibration.

The automatic calibration is always active and therefore false alarm is not possible.

Buoy with all accessories

  • Autonomously Operated Buoy
    • For outdoor mounting
    • The entire casing of the measuring station is completely made for seawater
    • and colour suitable for minimizing visual impact to environment
  • Solar power unit for 72h independent work with:
    • Solar module,
    • Battery
    • battery protected system
    • power for max 3 sensors and communication
  • Controller (mounted in the control Panel)
    • 4-row LCD Display incl. 4-button keypad
  • Communication through GSM/UMTS to control panel (SIM card not included)

With each buoy attached is a LaBr3 detector / diver

Diver detector Gamma Spectrum Probe: GSP02/232 with 3”x3“-NaI(Tl) or LaBr3 detector with waterproofed, seawater-resistant PE diving-cover.

  • Mounting system for Sensor and concrete weight for fixing
  • Controller with local display (one Controller for 2 sensors) mounted in the control panel room
  • corrosion-resistant capsule
  • activity concentration in Bq/l
  • 5 energy zones, separately displayed the activity concentration of the zones
  • Local alarm evaluation from irregular spectrum, low energy
  • Iodine,Cs-137, Co-60
  • LD ~1 Bq / l
  • Measured environment parameters: water, air temperature, pressure, wind
  • 230VAC power supply incl. UPS system incl. surge protection


  • Total activity concentration (local – LAN)
  • 6 areas of energy (nuclides) and activity concentration display per area (Local – LAN)
  • LD display (limit of detection) (local – LAN)
  • Calculation through matrix algorithm
  • Energy stabilization (in seawater with natural, in freshwater with additional K-40 nuclides)
  • Spectrum-Display (LAN)
  • The sensor and controller has a self-diagnosis  and troubleshooting feature and the same shall be monitored and controlled from remote monitoring station in NWCC.
  • The sensor is hosted in special sea water resistant case and this material is hard and so smooth to avoid any precipitation at the surface including the possibility of Algae Bloom precipitation/adsorption and have shaped in a way which will be self-cleaned by the water flow around its surface.
  • Battery Backup 72 hours.
  • Power supply could be solar or battery or cable.
  • The reliability of our NaI sensors is very high and we have included two various> Mechanisms to self-calibrate continuously the detectors and that the NaI detector of the 3”X3” crystal have an integrated K40 source for automatic calibration of the divers and sensors

  • These sensors will be fixed at the pipes water inlets for more effective measurements while the LaBr3 is fixed in the Buoys which is measuring radiation at the area near the water inlets. The two sensors measurement ( NaI and the LaBr3) are integrated at the SCADA system. The The LaBr3 detector 1.5”X1.5” has a natural pollution which is being used at the Healvita technology system for automatic calibration. The automatic calibration is always active and therefore false alarm is not possible.

Avoidance of false alarm mechanism

  • The spectrum probes have an integrated false alarm avoidance mechanism. Detectors based on 3”x3” NaI crystals have an integrated K40 standard source for automatic calibration. Detectors based on 1.5”x1.5” LaBr3 crystals have a natural pollution which is used for automatic calibration. This automatic calibration is always active and therefore false alarms are not possible.

SCADA system which receives all the measurements from each detector has the capability to handle the redundancy of the NaI and the LaBr3 detectors and this will also reduce the false alarm signal to the minimum.

Online Sampling System

For measurement of alpha and Beta radiation an effective online sampling system designed with dual detectors which are able to measuring ONLINE alpha, beta and gamma very effectively.

Installing an online sampler system is an important to ensure that there is no contamination for the desalination plants. This system is located on shore. Therefore it is a lot easier to handle than the off shore system. It can suck the water to measure directly out of the pool or from the inlet pipe to the desalination plant. Because of its structure with multiple detectors it can measure Alpha Beta and Gamma activity very detailed. After measuring in the chamber the water is feed through the outlet to a sampler where the water is stored for later analysis in a lab if requested by the authorities.

Jellyfish Early Warning Detection System

Digital Scientific Echosounder is the industry standard used by hundreds of researchers and resource managers worldwide.Deployed in a fixed station, DT-X split beam technology provides long-term data monitoring ability. Unique software processes hydroacoustic data in real time and sends information instantly via email, text or web for every object passing through the beam that includes:

  • 3D location
  • Speed of travel
  • Direction of travel
  • Relative size

Automated Monitoring Systems can be used for counting fish in rivers or monitoring marine life from seafloor observatory platforms. Other applications include debris detection and early warning at power plant cooling and other water intakes to prevent screen clogs.

Blooms of jellyfish can approach water intakes quickly and clog water intake screens creating costly delays or plant shut-downs. Healvita Early warning systems can alert plant opera-tors of potential problems BEFORE it’s too late.



Algal Blomm Detection System

To understand harmful algal bloom (HAB) dynamics you must have correct data on species composition, abundances and biomass. Early detection is the most effective way to mitigate the effects of HABs. Routine monitoring is often required.

Detecting HAB species is typically done using settling chambers and visual inspection with an invert-ed microscope. This method is tedious and time consuming. Plus getting a precise count is difficult at low cell densities.


  • Identify and characterize algae with size, shape, fluorescence, and concentration statistics presented in real-time
  • Rapid analysis – count, capture, and save images of microorganisms, typically up to 10,000 images/minute
  • Sort, filter and classify particle images interactively with VisualSpreadsheet and even automate the process
  • Discrete sampling or continuous, in-situ analysis



State Of The Art Integrated Chemical Biological & Radiation Water Monitoring System

This model combines several detection goals into a single monitor. It continuously monitors Radio Nuclides using particulate filter and charcoal filter. Both Industrial and Warfare Chemicals, as well as Biological Threats including Bacteria, Yeasts, Virus and Molds are monitored with detectors integrated within the system. Additional monitoring is available and will be tailored to specific needs upon request. Measurements are logged 24 hr/day – 7 day/week, with alarm capability and a universal read out adaptable to mainframe infrastructure computers.

Chemical, Biological And Radiation Sensors Robust Water Safety Monitor

Solar Powered

Measures down to military Drinking Water Standards and Below


  • Simplify Your Testing – All In One System
  • 7 Major Chemical Tests Provided From 4 To 10 Radiation Tests Provided Large Number Of Microbes
  • Dectected
  • The Worlds Only Alpha-beta In Water Sensors
  • Real Time, In-line, Continuous True Fail Safe Design With Alarm Detects Alphas, Betas And Gammas, Tritium. Radon, Radium Uranium Detects Chlorine, Nitrogen, Toc
  • No Reagents Required
  • Easy Installation, Calibration



  • Monitor Community Drinking, Wasterwater, Both In Ground And Surface Waters, Against Radioactive And Other Contaminants.
  • Terrorist Contamination
  • Industrial Contaminates: Laboratory, Power Plant, Agricultural
  • Industrial Accident/Illegal Dumping
  • Residual Treatment Additives