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Healvita Cleanroom company is specialized in cleanroom design, cleanroom manufacturing and cleanroom installation established in Austria for several years. We offer a variety of cleanroom choices that can be customized to fit your needs and delivers on time and on budget, all at a very competitive price.

Our cleanroom technology service range is comprehensive, covering the professional planning, manufacturing, assembly, auditing and maintenance of clean rooms, clean room components and air conditioning as well as ventilation plants. Research and training in the field of clean room technology round off our offerings.

Our philosophy is to use the most cost-effective, durable, dependable and attractive materials. We select the best available cleanroom walls, cleanroom doors, cleanroom windows, HEPA filters and cleanroom air systems shipped direct to you and ready for installation by our experienced engineers. These wall panels and components are obtained from the most reliable manufacturers to ensure the highest quality.

In addition to our cleanroom construction and design services we have an extensive cleanroom consumable products as one-stop supplier.

Our strengths lie in consulting, planning, design, construction and consignment out of one hand and certification.

Our cleanrooms are available in different versions, are customized and individually designed. Especially they apply in the industries pharma, medicinal technic, bio technic, solar, semiconductor, automotive, Nano and Micro technology. Cleanroom labs can be arranged corresponding to your requests and are installed, for example, for the production of cytostatics, IFV-labs and controlling of foodstuff.

Each modular cleanroom is designed for any application and built to meet cleanliness levels from ISO 14664-1 and FED STD 209E.

Audit inspection is carried out in collaboration with an International Authority to carry out Particle measurement, tightness and leakage tests, flow visualization, room condition auditing, We also offer equipment qualification including GMP conform equipment documentation including DQ, IQ, IQ and PQ and risk analysis.

Our total capability offers you ‘single source’ responsibility in turnkey project control with a wealth of resources in both equipment and staff to meet all the international GMP requirements.