Cleanroom Consumables

Cleanroom Garments


These Disposable Coveralls are designed with roominess and comfort in mind.

Lab Coat

Ideal for Class 10,000 environments and above, these Disposable Lab Coats are lightweight and breathable.

Nitrile Gloves

Constructed of Powder-Free Nitrile, these high end ambidextrous gloves are made with a compounding process and blend that makes them soft and flexible.

Bouffant Cap

Designed for roominess and comfort, caps are lightweight and breathable while providing full coverage.

Sleeve Cover

Disposable arm sleeves are lightweight, yet strong and durable, a recommended practice for cleanroom garments.

Shoe Covers (non-skid)

Impervious to liquids, these non-skid shoe covers provide strong and durable protection.

Cleanroom Accessories

Adhesive Mats

These multi-layered clean-film adhesive mats effectively capture dirt and dust from foot traffic and equipment wheels before they enter a controlled environment.

Absorbent Paper

Perforated for easy dispensing.

Absorbent Drape

Efficient, disposable protection, these absorbent sterile drapes are poly lined to prevent leakage.

Absorbent Chamber Shroud

Efficient protection for any Chamber or Well Counter, these sterile drapes are poly-lined and fenestrated to accommodate the columnar shape.

Cleaning Tools and Solutions

EasyReach™ Cleaning Tool

Simple and convenient to use, EasyReach™ promotes more regular and effective cleaning and disinfection practices.

QuickConnect™ Cleaning Tool

QuickConnect™ provides the advantage of a telescoping handle, ranging in length from 16” to 30” (41 to 76 cm).

Presaturated Wipes

PROSAT® Sterile Wipes are comprised of meltblown polypropylene fabric saturated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol/ 30% DI Water, then sterilised by Gamma radiation.

Stainless Steel Cleaner Wipes

Lightweight,ergonomically designed and includes a protective carrying case.

Stainless Steel Cleaner

An alternative to pre-moistened wipes, this non-aerosol spray is a water-based formula that leaves a non-greasy film.