Pumps and Valves

Distillation and gas stripping

CBA2 CBK Compressors

Axial suction and discharge Only one rotating part Reconfigured wet ends profile for long life operating High performance and low maintenance Suitable to handle flammable/Corrosive process steams

2BE1+P pump staged with air ejector

Type P air ejectors are provided to fit with series 2BE1 pumps for suction pressures down to 8mbar abs., it features: More suction capacity available when inlet pressure less than 60mbar abs. Simple, rugged reliable and trouble-free Ejector can be in cast iron or SS316 stainless steel

General process service

IH Chemical process pumps

Chemical process Petroleum Pulp & paper industry Pharmaceutical and food technology Metal processing Food Technology

Handling clean or slightly contaminated, hot, acidic and caustic liquids Designed to ISO2858 and ISO5199 international standard Back-Pull-Out design makes maintenance activities safe and simple Various materials available Capacities to 460 and heads to 133m Operating pressures to 16 Bar Shaft sealing with single or double mechanical seals

G GR In-line pumps

Air-conditioning District & industrial heating Cooling systems Other industrial plants

Single stage in-line pumps with standard motor Shaft seal by means of single mechanical seal Nominal capacity of this range complies with the DIN24255/ISO2858 standard Various materials available

Control Valves

Segment Ball Control Valve (Rack & Pinion)

Nominal pressure rating:PN1.0,1.6,2.5,4.0,6.4MPa,ANSI150,300
Nominal diameter:20~600mm
Working temperature:Stainless steel metal seat:-20~160℃,-20~230℃,-20~425℃,PTFE soft seat:-20~150℃
Flow characteristic:Approximate to equal percentage
Pneumatic actuator: GTseries mini type double pistons aluminium alloy actuator
Air-supply pressure:0.5~0.7MPa
Seat type:Spring loaded stainless steel metal seat,PTFE seat
Material:Body: (1)WCB  (2)CF8  (3)CF8M (4)CF3M
Ball: (1)CF8 (2)CF8M (3)CF3M
Optional accessories:(1)Positioner:A.imported B.Made in China
(2)Solenoid valve,Signal feedback device
(3)Connecting flange,bolt:A.Carbon steel B.Stainless steel
Funnel Type Knife Gate On Off Valve

Design as per MSS SP 81-2001
Inspection and test as per MSS SP 81-2001
End connection dimension as per ASME B 16.5 Class 150,DIN2501 PN10,16
Nominal diameter:50~1200mm  2″~48″
Body material;Ductile iron,carbon steel,stainless steel
Seat material:Stainless steel ,PTFE,EPDM,Viton
Actuator:Linuo pneumatic cylinder piston(double acting or spring return),motor
Air-supply pressure:5~7 bar
Optional accessories:(1)Solenoid valve
(2)Limit switch:A.Inductive type B.Mechanical type
(3)Connecting flange,Bolt:A.Carbon steel B.Stainless steel


Gate Valve

Design as per API 600
Face to face dimension as per ASME B 16.1
Test and inspection as per API 598
Flange end dimensions as per ASME B 16.5 Class 150
Size:2~40 inch
Body material:Carbon steel.stainless steel
Seat type:Welded or screwed in metal seat
Connection Type:Flanged,butt welding
Actuator:Hand wheel, bevel gear, motor


Swing Check Valve

Design as per API 6D
Face to face dimension as per API 6D
Test and inspection as per API 6D
Flange connection dimensions as per ANSI B 16.5 Class 150,300
Seat:Screwed in or welded seat
Optional outside lever

General Purpose Valves

High Performance Butterfly

Design as per  DIN3354
Inspection and test as per DIN 3230
End connection as per  DIN2501 PN10~PN25
Nominal diameter: DN50~DN900
Body Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel
Seat type: Stainless steel with graphite layer(laminated), PTFE soft seated
Operation: Handle lever, gearbox, pneumatic motor


Globe Valve

Design as per  BS1873
Face-to-face dimension as per ASME B 16.1
Inspection and testing as per ISO 5208
Flange end dimensions as per DIN 2501 PN10~PN250
Nominal diameter: DN50~DN400
Body Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel
Seat type: Welded metal seated  
Operation: Handwheel, bevel gear, pneumatic, motor