Audio & Video Surveillance Robots and Systems

1.Audio & Video Reconnaissance Anti-Terror Robot

Designed to provide rugged performance in virtually any environment, it can record audio and video while reaching areas otherwise impossible. All data recorded is transmitted wirelessly to the remote control unit using digital or analog technology.

A wireless remote control is included, and features a seven-inch display for viewing video transmitted from the unit.


2. Audio & Video Reconnaissance Anti-Terror Ball Device

Audio & video reconnaissance device provides audio and video surveillance in difficult environments. This information is transmitted wirelessly to the remote control unit. Designed to be a reconnaissance solution, includes four high-resolution cameras (providing a 360° video), as well as a mic and a transmitter to send that data where you need it.

provides auto positioning – it always automatically reverts to a vertical orientation. It can also deliver separate streams from all four onboard cameras simultaneously, providing four different views surrounding the device (360-degrees). This is accomplished without any loss of signal quality.

3. Remote Control and Video/Audio Surveillance Unit


Audio & video reconnaissance unit requires a remote control for operation, as well as for viewing video and listening to audio. This remote control and video/audio surveillance unit provides full functionality with device and operates wirelessly.

4. Small Arms Illumination Unit with Video Recording Option

is an illumination, video and audio solution designed to augment small arms in the field. It features two components – a video (optical) unit, and a display (monitor) unit. Both are connected via a small cable for ease of use.

  • White LED lighting
  • Video camera onboard
  • Two onboard Li-Ion batteries
  • Laser pointer
  • Infrared lighting
  • 3.5-inch TFT display

The monitoring unit can be attached to the hand or to an arm stock if needed.