Explosives Detection and X-Ray Systems

1.Explosives Detector

It is a double sensor detector that is capable of finding explosive objects down to 50 cm. The double sensor technology used in this device features a ‘GPR’, or ground penetrating radar, as well as ‘MD’, or metal detection. The operation of this unit is simple, the operator receives accurate information regarding the object’s position.

  • It can find explosives that are in metal and/or plastic
  • It is possible to locate cables and communication devices
  • You can find objects in ground, water, and buildings

The device includes indication and control unit. It also features the search head along with the power supply unit and rod.

 2. Device for Detection of Explosives Vapour and Trace


The novel solution is a small unit intended for detection of the wide range of various pure/composite explosives, such as: RDX, TNT, Dynamite, HMX, Semtex, EGDN, C4, Black Powder, PETN, Nitroglycerine, DNT, ANFO, others. The unit is capable of detection of the explosive elements in different pressure and humidity conditions. This can be done in vapor mode as well as it can perceive the same explosives in particle mode. The unit has no radiation. The unit features a 2 circuit system of gas flow. The first of these is to sample. The other cleans/dries the flow of the carrier. The good point of this unit is that a calibration system is not needed.

3. Device for Detection of Explosives, Drugs, Toxic and Chemical Agents Vapour and Trace

 The unit  is a unique solution intended for vapour and trace detection of explosives, drugs, toxic and chemical agents ( This  model only). The unit can inspect air near the target objects, surfaces of various target objects, human hands and/or parts of clothes.

  • Inspection of cars, luggage, goods, people, other objects by customs officers
  • Inspection of objects by environment supervision services
  • Inspections of suspected objects by law enforcement agencies
  • Forensic and analytical labs


  • Instantaneous simultaneous detecting of positive and negative ions
  • No radioactive ion sources
  • No need in expensive auxiliary materials/accessories
  • Detects various chemical agents as well as improvised peroxide explosives
  • Expandable databases of substances with custom substances

4. Explosives Detector

This unit is capable of detecting explosives and mines that utilize electronic detonating fuses. The device is able to find targets in and under the asphalt.

The unit is capable of detection:

  • Transmitters (TX) and receivers (RX)
  • Alarm units
  • Remote control (RC) systems
  • Timer modules for electronic and electromechanic units
  • Acoustic and magnetic units
  • Optoelectronic units and small cameras
  • Concealed machines and instruments


  • You can find improvised explosive devices (IED), as well as mines and other types of explosives.
  • You can look for weapons, ammo, communication tools
  • Look for terror and blasting devices


  • Highly accurate performance
  • Large distance of target units detection
  • Is capable of finding devices, which are on and off state.
  • It can be used in airborne missions
  • Indispensable tool for search operations
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Prolonged duration of operation for about 8-9 hours without battery recharge.


5. Portable X-ray Inspection System

It is a state of the art X-ray inspection system. It features a mini and micro focus X-ray source of constant potential. The solution has a variable voltage level starting from 20kV with a maximum at 160kV. This makes it possible to inspect targets created from various structure with variable density and depth (up to 70kV is perfect for inspection of mails and similar thickness targets, where the bags and similar depth targets can be inspected with 100-160kV voltage).

The main distinctive feature is the capability to provide advanced comprehensive analysis with maximum details and usage of geometrical magnifying (150kV version up to 40 times).

The micro focus  features a unique 30-μm focal spot to compate with a standard 1-mm spot provided by common X-ray solutions. The device resolution power 25 micron makes the solution unique on the market. Besides, the device can perfectly operate with small distances between target and X-ray unit (up to millimiters) provided the geometrical magnifying is enabled.

The unit can be useful for:

  • Mailing, package examination
  • Finding Bomb & Explosives, Firearms
  • Finding hidden eavesdropping electronics in rooms, offices, etc
  • Non destructive testing (NDT) and examination of aircrafts, vehicle, machinery.

6. Mail X-Ray Inspection System

Nowadays there are many criminals and terrorists that utilize attacks through the mail. The best way to reduce the danger is by performing tests on the mail as it comes into a facility. With the right technology, it becomes much easier to handle these problems at the earliest stage.

A great tool to help with this is an X-ray system that can be used daily to check small packages and regular mail. The device has the capability to detect explosives, as well as the components they typically contain. However, this device can detect much more including weapons made from metal and plastic, substances that are radioactive, powder that is toxic, narcotics, and more. The monitor can display color images, as well as black and white.