Fire Fighting

Fire fighting vehicles 

Isuzu chemical-proof emergency car
Equipped with world-advanced exclusive OS Foam System of German Smiths
  Isuzu mist and smoke fire vehicles
High Efficiency: one-seven domino offect turns 1 drip into 7 blisters and enlarges 7 times of the extinguishing area.

Benz water tank and foam vehicle series


  • beautiful shape, comfortable sitting and flexible
  • rolling shutter door based on foreign technology with a dependable on-off function, low noise and leak proof.
  • large room of the equipment chamber, positional design suits for fight requirements and convenient to fetch
  • the major light has a power of 6KW, large power dynamotor supplies power for every electric appliance
  • foreign latest advanced lap joint technology is applied on the framework of equipment chamber

Diesel water and foam fire vehicles series

  • the engines of this series have a large storage power with a large load and a nice acceleration quality
  • it can spray while running
  • beautiful shape and luxury inner decoration
  • equipped with a rise-fall monitor and electrical reel

Bidirectional fire vehicles series

  • designed for tunnel and narrow area with a bidirectional driving function which supplied a domestic gap
  • controlled light on the head serves in omnibearing for locale
  • self-protection sprinkler sets are available on each head and top of the vehicle
  • it has many functions such as rescue emergency, fire extinguishing, detecting, smoke venting and chemical cleaning.
  • equipped with double engine (520p)

Small fire vehicle

  • new shape and velvet line, flexible operation
  • Firemen’s seats on the back where can hold a view of outside, and convenient to get on and off
  • reasonable layout and common rescue emergent equipments can be equipped
  • specially applied in countryside and towns as rescue emergency fire vehicles

Fire Emergency Luninaires

  Lighting-navigation lamp inset the ground series
  Emergency lamp series
  Emergency power supply

LED sound and light control,the human body sensor lamp
  The LED exit sign