Portable Vehicle Scanner

Temporary check point inspections

Hand portable, battery & remote operation, ultra-compact scanner that will easily fit inside a car trunk

CXR is a hand portable, ultra-compact, lightweight, battery operated, low energy X-ray scanner that can be quickly deployed to scan cars for IEDs or contraband.

Technicians currently use a range of commercially available x-ray scanners, but most have drawbacks that hinder a swift and safe response. For instance, mobile scanners are typically mounted on trucks—not suitable for indoor use, tight spaces or between parked vehicles. They are also very expensive and do not offer remote operation.

This advanced imaging system is housed in an unmanned robotic platform—the XRay Scanning Rover (XSR)—allowing technicians to more easily disarm the device from a safe distance.

Detector Installation

Quick Assembly & Disassembly

Key Features:

  1. Ultra-compact detector arms and electronics
  2. Light weight and hand portable
  3. Remote Wi-Fi and battery operation
  4. High efficiency detectors
  5. User interface and controls through standard laptop

X-Ray Scanning Rover

A remotely operated robotic system for scanning packages for security applications.

XSR is an x-ray system that scans packages for Leave Behind Improvised Explosive Devices (LBIED). It is integrated onto a custom mid-size robotic platform which allows for quick deployment and ease of use. The system is operated remotely over a wireless link. High resolution images are displayed in real time.

Key Features:

  1. Ultra compact detector armand electronics
  2. Optimized detectors for high efficiency scanning
  3. Continuous operating x-ray generator for increased penetration and clarity
  4. Graphical user interface and controls through standard laptop
  5. Remote Wi-Fi and battery operation

Real Time Display of Scanned Image