Competence Technically qualified professional workforce, competent customer advisors and reliable trustworthy partners – these are our keys to customer-oriented services.

How can successful customer relations be better achieved than through satisfying the customers? We respond to the requirements of customers like yourselves by providing solid, often tailor-made, solutions to your requirements.

The development of successful long-term business relations takes priority for us over short-term success. Therefore, fair, honest and mutually beneficial cooperation forms the basis of all of our business endeavors.

It is our job to understand your requirements, your situational parameters and the associated solutions. Your personal advisor is always there for you.

It is simply self-evident for us that we must provide you with the performance which you expect.


Sales Partner

Which distributors are successful in your markets?

Those, who provide their customers with a spectrum of services extending well beyond the mere sales of products, stand head and shoulders above the rest.

In addition to very attractive prices, they can deliver quickly.

Distributors, who are in the position to provide their customers with excellent, competent and comprehensive services and to deliver first quality products in cognizance of local expectations and conditions, will inevitably dominate the market in the long term.

What should be the characteristics of you as our business partners?

  • You are an established specialist, dealing in laboratory equipment
  • You possess extensive product know-how
  • You offer the technical services of installation, maintenance and repair
  • You offer broad market coverage
  • You are capable of professionally processing import transactions
  • You offer your customers objective advice and assistance
  • You are prepared to enter into a personal and strategic alliance with Healvita Scientific.

If you fulfill these criteria, then it will be our pleasure to work with you as a partner in meeting the needs of your market.

The support which we provide is not merely restricted to offering you a complete product portfolio. We go far beyond this, providing on a self-evident basis, all services which will lead to successful and long-term customer loyalty.

Our standard operating procedures include professional processing of orders, secure packing of shipments, preparation of required documents and transportation arrangements.

Catalogs are available in both printed and digital formats.

You can rely on timely and competent sales support from our highly motivated team.

All of the foregoing plus a high standard of excellence and flexibility in the execution of innumerable routine business practices form the basis for solid and successful business relations.


Our Product-Portfolio

From laboratory equipment to laboratory consumables, high quality reagents and laboratory furnishings – our product spectrum covers all aspects of your market requirements.

You will benefit from our assortment of approximately 200,000 products, offering you a nearly unlimited selection. Despite the vast array of products, they all have one factor in common; we are only associated with manufacturers of whose high quality and excellent cost/benefit relationship we are thoroughly convinced.

For you, this means, that whichever item you select, you have made the right decision.

As a partner in the largest association of independent specialist-distributors dealing in laboratory equipment, we can support you with rapid delivery of the most often required laboratory consumables and smaller equipment items directly from our warehouse. Since the warehouse stocks tens of thousands of items, your requirements can generally be filled with very short delivery times.



Our product portfolio encompasses a very broad spectrum containing the most diverse application fields. Many products are used in nearly all laboratories, whereas others are highly specialized and more restricted in application.

The following is a list of just some of the industries and customer-groups with requirements for products which we provide:

  • Chemistry
  • Foodstuffs
  • Animal forage
  • Beverages
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Petroleum / Oil and Gas Industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Universities
  • Waste water treatment
  • Official government agencies and laboratories
  • Nuclear Research Institutions and Nuclear Power Plants.
  • Hospitals

Do you recognize these as your customers?

Then let us hear from you – We are your manufacturer-independent source for laboratory materials and equipment.

More details about Healvita Scientific are available at our website