Hospital bed

Household nursing bed(single-crank)

  • Painted head & foot board, side board, bed surface
  • Turning table.I.V.Pole Lift pole.5’ caster
   Electric bed

  • ABS head & foot board can be easily assembled and dissembled
  • The ABS guardrail can be firmly allocated. It is firm and reliable
  • Strong and durable
   Electric Turning bed

  • Wire mesh bed surface .The ABS guardrail can be firmly allocated . It is firm and reliable
  • The voltage of motor is safe and the efficiency of power storage is provided
  • Central control caster can be provided with firm braking and flexible rotation
   Single Crank Bed

  • ABS head & foot board,Powder coated steel bed frame
  • Punching bed surface
  • Protecting shatter on four comer
   Household nursing bed (double-crank)

  • Painted head & foot board,side board,bed side cabinet
   Double Crank Bed

  • Plastic head & foot board
  • Powder coated steel bed frame
  • Steel punching bed surface Fourth-aluminium alloy guardrail
  • 5’caster
   SK007 Household nursing bed (single-crank)

  • Painted head & foot, side board, bed side cabinet, bed surface.
  • 5’ caster
  • lift pole
   1-Crank Manual Bed

  • detachable ABS head & foot board
  • Aluminum guardrail
  • 5″ castor with brake
  Three functional Electric Bed

  • Flexible bedstead with antibacterial double powder
    coating treatment
  • 24vDC import motor (CE&UL approval), EMI system guarantee
  • lowest noise
  • easy maintenance
  • 6″ castors with pedal brake
  • Adjustable back-rest, leg-rest