XRF Analyzers

XRF Handheld Precious Metal Analyzer

Alloy & Stainless Steel Analyser

Products include RoHS analyzer Genius 3000XRF, alloy analyzer Genius 5000XRF, mineral analyzer Genius 7000XRF, and heavy metals in soil analyzer Genius 9000XRF, which can be applied for in-situ material testing, for on-site on-line analysis of various elements during the process from manufacturing control to finished product testing, for quick identification of alloy number and reliable authentication, for on-site heavy metals testing in soil, and for various kinds of geological and ore samples on-site analysis of multi-elements.



Laboratory EDXRF Analyzer X-REF


The X-REF C12 is a desktop energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. X-REF C12 provides multielement analysis of samples from carbon (С) to uranium (U), with concentration on the level of several ppm and up to dozens of percents. X-REF C12 developed for analysis of various nature and industrial materials.Superb analytical characteristics are provided by the application of direct excitation geometry and Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) with thin window. This combination guarantee good analytical parameters: excellent definition of elements, low detection limits, high accuracy and safety.Measurements could be done in air or in vacuum, depending on element number in periodic table. Capability to make measurements with helium is also provided.


ED XRF Analyzer X-Art M


X-Art M is a versatile analyzer for determination of chemical composition in various objects including artworks. In the open air elements from Mg (Z=12) to U (Z=92) are analyzed simultaneously. Detection limit for the elements of moderate atomic number in light matrix is about 1 ppm. Detector crystal thickness of 3 to 5 mm provides high efficiency and in principle all heavy elements can be analyzed through K-series fluorescent lines.

  • On-line non-destructive qualitative and quantitative analysis of material composition directly at the object surface
  • Arbitrary position of the analytical part in the space
  • Small distance from the sample surface to the detector window which provides effective analysis of light elements
  • Simple and convenient operation and service


  • Sample-to-detector air gap filled with Helium atmosphere to enhance the intensity of light element lines in the spectra detected
  • Precise positioning system to change the distance between the sample surface and analytical unit for separate layer by layer spectra detection from sandwich-type objects


NitroSPEC-X Hand-Held XRF Spectrometer


NitroSPEC-X is used for in-situ and laboratory measurement of characteristic X- and γ – radiation and is applicable for X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and gamma spectrometry.

  • Minimal sizes and weight
  • Liquid nitrogen filling time is less than 10 minutes
  • Minimal time for reaching of the proper temperature mode for the detector after liquid nitro-gen filling < 1hour
  • Minimal time for emptying remaining liquid nitrogen in the Dewar vessel < 3 minutes
  • Convenience and simplicity of operation and service
  • Built in spectrometric device