Bar Phantoms

Precise determination of camera intrinsic resolution, collimator spatial resolution, field size and linearity.

Flood Phantoms

A means of lighting scintillation camera’s crystal to determine response uniformity over the entire field.

Neck Phantom

Designed to simulate a patient’s neck.

Triple Line Insert

Used to produce three 1 mm diameter parallel lines of tracer material spaced 7.5 cm apart.

Cardiac Insert

Provides a multi-function simulation of the left ventricle, and can be used to evaluate SPECT imaging of cold defects within the “myocardium.”

Hoffman 3-D Brain Phantom

Provides the anatomically accurate three dimensional simulation of the radioisotope distribution found in the normal brain.

PET Phantom NEMA 2007/IEC 2008

Consists of a body phantom, a fillable lung insert and an insert with six various size spheres that are fillable from the outside of the phantom.

PET Scatter Phantom NEMA

Contains a fillable line source that runs parallel to the center axis of the cylinder and offset a distance of 4.5 cm.

PET Sensitivity Phantom NEMA

Consists of six concentric tubes that slide into each other. The innermost tube is fillable. The outer tubes are placed over the filled inner tube and imaged, adding a tube for each image.

PET-CT Phantom

Includes internal structures (three rods and six spheres) which, when imaged with both modalities, can demonstrate how accurately the two image sets are aligned.

Jaszczak SPECT Phantom

Provides consistent performance information for any SPECT or PET system.

Flangeless Deluxe SPECT Phantoms

The flangeless SPECT Phantom meets the requirements set by ACR.

Anthropomorphic SPECT Phantom

Used for the evaluation of non-uniform attenuation and scatter compensation methods. The phantom consists of a large, body-shaped cylinder with lung, liver and spine inserts.

Lung-Spine SPECT Phantom

The Lung-Spine Phantom consists of two chambers that are shaped to simulate the lungs

Multi-Energy CT Phantom

Ensure the performance and consistency of your multienergy scans. Test material discrimination using solid rods representing iodine, calcium, blood, adipose, and more.

Cone-Beam Electron Density Phantom

Expedite your workflow with a phantom that enables automated CT-to-density tables for TPS commissioning of cone beams. A wide range of electron density values are covered, with rods designed to ICRU-44 and ICRP specifications.

CT Electron Density Phantom

Create CT-to-density tables with ease for consistent calibration of your IVDT. Configure tissue inserts in any orientation.

CT ACR 464 Phantom

Perform CT image quality and performance evaluation that complies with ACR CT requirements. Testing options include positioning and alignment accuracy, CT number accuracy, slice thickness, low contrast detectability, image resolution and uniformity, spatial resolution, and inter- and intra-plane distance measurement accuracy.